Two Decades of Proven Experience

Growing up on a farm in America’s heartland helped Bryan learn to think and work “in seasons” at a young age. He learned to focus on, plan for, and achieve long-term goals – not on short-term hours or days. This ability to envision the future – then create it – has become the cornerstone of his character and foundation of his success as an Indianapolis business leader and community contributor.

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Proven Expertise

Bryan’s time juggling his role as a young entrepreneur and young father were instrumental in shaping his current outlook on legacy, perseverance, and constant learning. No matter what happens, he moves forward. He moves through it. And he helps others do the same.

With two decades as CEO of FirstPerson, Bryan uses his propensity toward progress to help his team and clients flourish. His deep knowledge of benefits administration, performance management, team building, employee engagement, human resources, effective leadership, insurance planning, strategic planning, and non-profit board advising has evolved over time.

We’ve been fortunate enough to have Bryan serve in a number of leadership roles over the past decade. His self-awareness, listening skills, and non-judgmental nature make him an ideal board member. Simply put, he builds trust, collaboration, and energy wherever he goes.

Andrew Hart, CEO

The Oaks Academy

At his core, Bryan is a relationship builder and connector. His humble confidence, passion for people, and commitment to continuous improvement are unmatched.

Carrie Kass, VP of Product Development & Deployment


Bryan is passionate about coaching up-and-coming entrepreneurs because he’s been in their shoes. He knows what it takes to succeed, and it’s his life mission to pass those lessons onto others.

Jill Lehman, Vice President, Administration & Chief People Officer

Ontario Systems

Leadership takes vision, intuition, and a passion for people. Bryan is an invaluable role model for any leader trying to get more clarity and improve his or her impact on the business.

Dan Hunt, President & CFO


With decades of business experience and entrepreneurship under his belt, Bryan is one of the foremost HR thought leaders in Indianapolis…and beyond.

Todd Richardson, Chief Culture Officer

Cadence Consulting

Bryan’s vision, ambition, and tenacity – paired with his heart for family, friends, and community – make him an ideal mentor and community leader.

Katy Stowers, Managing Director & General Counsel


Meaningful Work

As a recognized Indiana business leader, Bryan now takes the lessons he’s learned as CEO to connect people, share new insights, and engage with Indy’s business and non-profit community in meaningful ways. Specifically, Bryan loves to:

  • Create space for people and ideas to grow and flourish
  • Help people become the best versions of themselves
  • Listen to people’s stories and help them find their way in this world
  • Connect people, ideas, and organizations to achieve more together
  • Mentor and advise business and community leaders
  • Catalyze new opportunities for meaningful contribution

Paying it Forward

As an active member of the community, Bryan contributes through several boards, including: