Every Company is a Technology Company

Written by on Thursday, April 27th, 2017 in Leadership

I’ve heard this for years. Every company is becoming a technology and marketing company. Technology is critical to managing our clients’ business, and it’s becoming increasingly important internally in order to give our team cutting edge tools to accelerate their work.

At FirstPerson, we’re spending a lot of time on technology innovation. We know that it’s our human capital management systems that increase productivity and efficiency, and enhance the work experience for our employees.

We’re testing out a hub and spoke model. We’re using a single business software system – the hub, if you will – and tie into it other subsidiary systems – the spokes – to create an integrated solution.  For example, a hub program can link payroll, expense management, talent recruitment, and training.  An Application Programming Interface (API) enables the spoke systems to talk to one another, exchange data, and report out accurate information without the user having to duplicate data entry, search multiple systems for files, or log in to individual spokes.

Cloud-based tools – we have our own FirstPerson app – gives our team full access to centralized company communication from their smart phones any time day or night.  It’s easy to keep up with important announcements, changes in meeting dates or times, professional development tracking, wellness program perks, even check notes from our most recent Town Hall.

Technology innovation has helped us improve our employee experience by engaging our people, streamlining their daily tasks, and boosting their productivity.  Big wins all around!

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