Community-Minded Leadership

Bryan Brenner is an entrepreneur, proud father, sports fanatic, musician, and homegrown Indiana farm boy. As the Founder and CEO of FirstPerson, Bryan has spent his 20-year career focusing on employer-employee relationships, building deep connections with people, and enhancing the vibrant business and cultural community in Indianapolis.

When Bryan launched FirstPerson at age 24, he dreamed of creating a business that would bring people together, put clients at the heart of every decision, and impact the community in which it existed in a positive way. After working tirelessly to make that vision a reality, he now uses his experience to inspire others to dream big, become their best selves, and contribute to Indianapolis and the world at large.

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No one gets ‘to the heart of the matter’ like Bryan. He dives into every challenge with boundless energy, optimism, and a rare willingness to change and experiment.

Andrew Hart, CEO

The Oaks Academy

The human resources sector isn’t historically known for innovation. Bryan challenges you to think outside the box, take informed risks, and rethink ‘the way it’s always been done.’

Ellen Humphrey, Vice President, HR Development


Bryan is a big thinker. He’s never satisfied with the status quo. Ever.

Todd Richardson, Chief Culture Officer

Cadence Consulting

When we need help ‘cutting through the noise,’ we call Bryan. He helps us refocus on what really matters and the actionable steps we need to take to solve any problem.

Nathan Sinsabaugh, President

Studio Science

Bryan has keen insight, and an uncanny way of quickly identifying fresh and creative solutions to meet needs for strategic change. His high energy and joyful approach to collaboration make him my favorite, and most trusted, business ally!

Dana Cooper, Principal

A Good Word Communications

Made in Indiana

Bryan’s roots run deep in the Indianapolis community, and he’s here for the long haul. He loves Indy’s ‘big small town’ feel and kind, thoughtful, and engaged residents. From arts and entertainment to sports and higher education; and from life sciences and high tech to non-profits and foundations, Indy has all the ingredients needed to create a rich life and career.

That’s why Bryan engages with community organizations to further establish Indianapolis as a nationally and globally-recognized hub for business and personal aspirations.

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