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My entire professional journey, I’ve felt driven to help organizations of all sizes care for their employees in more meaningful, efficient, and effective ways. To reach more leaders and inspire more change, I gathered a team of passionate, dedicated, and inspired people to help me. This amazing group of people ultimately became what is now Indianapolis-based FirstPerson. 

But owning a business was never the goal. Helping create a world
where all organizations put people first was—and still is. That’s why we need to create space for people to become their best selves, engage in meaningful work, and exceed even the highest expectations. I help entrepreneurs, business leaders, and non-for-profits affect change in their communities, across the country, and around the world. After all, money, recognition, and power are fleeting. Impact,relationships, and inspiration are everlasting.


1:1 Leadership Coaching

Leading can be lonely. Oftentimes, it feels like you’re supposed to have all the answers, make all the tough decisions, and carry everyone else’s burdens on your shoulders. But, part of being a good leader is knowing when you need fresh eyes, a sounding board, and advice you can trust.

Business Strategy

Growing a healthy business is challenging in the best of times. If you’re wondering how to grow your business in a sustainable way, create innovative products and services, and develop better internal processes, a business strategy coach can help.

Not-For-Profit Strategy

Though a business mindset is helpful in the not-for-profit world, there are important differences in how you engage your audience, secure funding for your programs and services, and get the word out to the community about the great work you’re doing.


With nearly two decades of experience as an entrepreneur, community leader, and not-for-profit champion, I have a long history of putting people first. That means, when we work together, your goals, your needs, and your dreams become my top priorities. By sharing ideas and lessons learned from my time as Founder and CEO of FirstPerson; my engagement with The Oaks Academy, Aspire Indiana, and Butler University; and my leadership with YPO Indiana, I love helping people take their work—and lives—to the next level. Let’s talk. 

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